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Testimonial 1
As a new parent it was difficult to try and find the right daycare facility to look after my child. So many questions you ask yourself,
 home daycare or company daycares? hours? cost? what will my child be doing? What will my child be eating? And the list goes on.
Then I saw Patricia's ad in the paper and set up a time to go and meet her.
Within 5 minutes of being with her and watching her interact with my son, I knew this was the person I wanted.
The first day I dropped my son off, I was not nervous or concerned. She made you feel so at ease.
I never looked back.
My son and later my daughter stayed with Patricia for 12 years. They enjoyed every minute they spent with her, and at the age
of 14 and 17, they still go and visit, this is how much of an impact this fantastic lady has made with them.
Patricia is such a warm hearted individual and ensures that she has each child’s best interest in mind when caring for them.
Patricia is a hands on daycare provider. There were several times I would walk into the playroom and wonder where she was,
she was right on the floor with the children interacting and playing with them.  
She plays with them, reads to them, does arts and crafts, helps them learn their alphabet and numbers, helps with any homework
with the older children, teaches them how to share, helps you when it is time for potty training, comforts them when they are
having a moment, the list goes on.
And then there are the meals. Wow!  She makes sure that all the children are fed home cooked meals.
for example lots of vegetables, proteins, fruits, pasta, rice, potatoes and dairy’s. Very well balanced meals with healthy
snacks in between.

If you are looking for a daycare, don't hesitate to give Patricia a call. You won't have to look anywhere else!

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Testimonial 2

My family and I were introduced to Patricia a little over 8 years ago. Patty's daycare came with high recommendations from many
families when I first moved into the area. I have three children who were all under Patricia's supervision over the years.
Patricia has always exceeded my expectations, is a fun-loving, reliable, organized individual whom we came to love as a
family member. Leaving my children with Patricia while we go to work has provided me with the confidence and reassurance
that my children would always be in the best care possible. The never-ending, unconditional love you possess for my children
is something that I will cherish forever.  Patricia, thank you for being who you are, we are fortunate to have you in our lives.
We love you, Martini family.

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Testimonial 3

We love Patricia! Or should I say "WaWa"? That's the name my daughter gave her at 1 year old and it's stuck for the past 8 years.  
Patricia watched both my children from the time they were babies until they started JK. We were blessed to find a caregiver so loving and wonderful for our children.


Testimonial 4

Mini Masterminds Day Care is more than a daycare for my daughter. It’s like a second home for her. My daughter Sofia, was welcomed everyday with open arms. I have great peace of mind when I leave my daughter in the mornings; I know she is in good hands.
I find “Wawa” to be a delight and it is very refreshing to see my daughter’s face light up as she enters each morning as she is truly happy to be there. She speaks of Wawa at home and looks forward to seeing her. My child’s safety and happiness are the
most important things I was looking for in a daycare. Not only did I find that in Wawa but she reinforces the values I try and foster at home, kindness, honesty and gratitude. There is an obvious warm, family atmosphere at Wawa’s and that translates directly to the warmth and caring that my child and myself as a parent receive. I trusted Wawa to take care of my daughter Sofia, and you have surpassed my every hope and expectation.


I was so fortunate to find Patricia to look after my kids. She is the most loving, energetic and patient person I know.
It takes a special person to take on the caregiver role and she couldn't be a better person to do the job. She provided a  safe, accepting and loving environment for my children. My daughter one day had described Patricia
perfectly, "She's not a babysitter, she's more like a mommy"".  

I hope that's okay!

Miss you!