Programs & Food

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of both children and families through specific goals and objectives. We focus on building off of the strengths of each child, taking advantage of every teachable moment.

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In this program we encourage the toddlers to start developing bodily senses such as taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight.
We encourage these skills through set up learning experiences that allow the children to engage at their own pace.

We also set up indoor and outdoor activities that encourage the children to develop and practice their fine and gross motor skills.

We also incorporate activities that teach us about ourselves and others such as cooperating with others, sharing and turn taking, keeping in mind that everyone is beautiful in their own individual unique way.

Through play and set up learning experiences, we also encourage the children how to become aware of the world around them by incorporating shapes, colours and numbers. We inspire the children to learn how to start Feeding themselves, dressing themselves and Washing their hands building their confidence and self-esteem.


At this age the children enjoy using their creative imagination to learn.

We will practice solving problems through trial and error activities when exploring the environment around us.

We will help encourage the children to develop skills that allow them to  manage their emotions with themselves and others.

When setting up positive learning experiences we will encourage the children to identify emotion cards that may motivate them to develop empathy and help them recognize feeling in others.

To expand on movement we will set up learning experiences that allow the children to get up move around and explore using their fine and gross motor skills in a playful environment.

We will continue to read during circle time and sing songs as a group to encourage social activity and language.

They will also continue to practice their numbers, shapes and letters in a more concrete way.



Every meal is fresh and homemade following Canada’s food guide.

These meals will always consist of a mix of protein carbs, fruits, and vegetables .
I offer breakfast/ snack /lunch/snack.

The facility is a peanut-free zone and a smoke-free zone.